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How it works

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

The Choir Leaders' Choir is run by the choir leaders who are part of it. Although the initial idea and set-up came from me (Timothy Allen), the running of it is distributed between everyone who wants to be a part of it.

There are some basic rules, but these are always open to discussion and change. The current rules are below.

To organise a get-together, we need two things: someone to host (with a venue), and several people to lead portions of the get-together.


Anyone can volunteer to host. In order to host, you need to be able to provide a venue suitable for a get-together. At the moment, that means somewhere with a capacity for 30-40 people, a reasonable acoustic, and ideally a piano and PA system (or at least the facility for these to be brought in). Our hope is that get-togethers will get bigger over time, so the capacity requirements might increase. Reasonable access to parking is useful, and being accessible to those using public transport will increase the number of people who are likely to come.

Rules for hosting

  • Only create a new event if there isn't already an existing CLC event within 50 miles in the same quarter of the year (Q1: Jan to March, Q2: Apr to Jun, Q3: July to Sept, Q4: Oct to Dec). This is to prevent us having loads of events, with very few people coming to each one.

  • Any event created using the CLC banner should be open to any choir leader, with no restrictions.

  • Any CLC event should be listed by the host on the website (details on how to do that are below).

  • Any CLC event should also be listed by the host on our Facebook group page (details on how to do that are below too).

  • Whoever is hosting the event is responsible for all organisational details, including communicating these details to participants, and responding to questions. They will need to list their own contact details on the event, so questions come directly to them.

  • If a host is incurring costs for hiring the venue, and they are passing these costs on to participants, they should list the cost on the event details (both on the CLC website and on Facebook). Where possible, the recommendation is that the cost to participants should be the cost of providing the venue, divided by the number of people who come. No-one should charge participants any more than an equal share of the venue costs (this isn't a profit-making exercise), but equally no-one should be out of pocket due to hosting either. It's up to each person hosting to decide how they want to collect this money - up-front, on the day, afterwards, in cash, cheques, bank transfers - whatever works for the person hosting, but it should be clearly communicated on the event listing.

Leading a segment

Most get-togethers will run from around 11am to around 4pm (it will vary depending on what the person hosting is able to offer). There will be about 3-4 hours of singing within that time, with the rest taken up by lunch and chatting! For the singing, people within the choir will volunteer (in advance) to lead a segment of the day - ideally somewhere between 20 and 45 minutes.

Rules for leading a segment

  • Anyone attending a get-together can volunteer to lead a segment, but is under no obligation to.

  • To volunteer to lead a segment, sign up for the get-together, then contact the person hosting that get-together to volunteer.

  • If you're leading a segment, you're responsible for providing whatever resources the singers will need to take part, or signposting people to where they can get those resources (whether this is sheet music, lyric sheets, learning tracks, whatever you use). Let's keep it legal too.

  • The host will let you know how much time you'll have for your segment, based on how many people have volunteered to lead, and how much time they have secured the venue for.


The purpose of Choir Leaders' Choir get-togethers is for choir leaders to get together and SING. Other stuff is bound to happen too, which is great - networking, sharing repertoire etc - these are important but incidental benefits of getting together, and the primary focus should be on singing together, for fun.


Initially, the focus for the Choir Leaders' Choir was just to get people together and sing for fun. However, there is discussion happening between members at the moment about arranging for the CLC to sing at various events. This is in the early stages of being worked out, and more details on how this will work will be shared here once they're finalised.

Creating an event on the Choir Leaders' Choir website

In order to create an event on our website, you need to drop me a quick email so I can give you the necessary permissions. Email and explain that you're creating a CLC event and would like access to the website. Allow a few days for a response, just in case I'm particularly busy (I manage this in whatever spare time I can grab between my other work, so sometimes it can take a little while for me to find the time to respond). In the meantime, do please double-check to make sure there aren't already any CLC events within 50 miles in the same calendar quarter as the event you're proposing. Once you've been granted access, you'll get emailed a link which will ask you to create an account so you can access the website's management dashboard. (This just involves providing your email address and setting a password, or you can link to your Facebook or Google account if you'd prefer). Once you're on the website dashboard, follow the steps below.

  1. There are a lot of different things on the dashboard - please ignore the vast majority of them! The only bit you need is in the top left corner. There is a set of menu options, which begins "Dashboard", then "Blog", then "Events". Click on "Events".

  2. All our existing events are listed here. Use the "Add event" button in the top right corner, or the big "+" at the bottom of the list of events.

  3. For the event name, put "CLC" followed by the town or city you'll be hosting in.

  4. For the "Short teaser", feel free to add a short sentence about the event if you wish.

  5. Please enter the date and time of your event, and add an end time. These should be the times that participants will attend, so remember to allow for some time to set the venue up and pack down afterwards.

  6. Location: Please enter the precise venue details.

  7. About your event: Use this to include your contact details, any costs you'll be asking participants to contribute, and any other details that would be helpful, such as parking or public transport information.

  8. Once you're happy with all the details you've entered, click on "Create event".

Creating an event on our Facebook page

First of all, you need to be a member of the Facebook group - head to and request to join. Once your membership has been approved, you can post in the group. Anyone who can post in the group can create an event (but do check the rules above first, including making sure that there isn't already an event within 50 miles of the event you're planning to create in the same calendar quarter).

  1. To create an event, go to the area towards the top of the page where you would normally write a post (it's usually a small blank area saying "Write something..."). Just above this, there are options marked "Write a post", "Photo/Video", etc. One of these will say "More" - click this, then select "Create Event".

  2. For the Event Name, put "CLC" followed by the town or city you'll be hosting in.

  3. Location: Enter the precise venue details.

  4. Description: Use this to include your contact details, any costs you'll be asking participants to contribute, and any other details that would be helpful, such as parking or public transport information.

  5. Frequency: Please leave this as "Occurs once", even if you're planning to lead several get-togethers over time. Setting a recurring event on Facebook makes it harder for people to check if there are other events happening within 50 miles in the same calendar quarter.

  6. Starts/Ends: Please enter the date and time that you want people to arrive, and when you anticipate the event ending. Allow some time for setting the venue up and packing down afterwards. The times you enter here should be the times that you'd like participants to attend, rather than the times you have booked the venue for.

  7. Schedule: Initially leave this blank. Once you've got people volunteering to lead segments, you could use the Schedule on the Facebook event to let people know who is leading and what order they're going in, but this is optional.

  8. Post permissions: Please change this to "Anyone can post", so that other choir leaders can discuss your event on the event listing itself.

  9. Once you're happy with all the settings above, click on the "Create" button in the bottom corner. Please make sure you also list your event on the CLC website - it should be listed in both locations, not just on Facebook, to ensure it's visible to everyone who may wish to attend.


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